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automation solutions

Complex workflows, very simple!

Discover what workflows can do for your business productivity! Free up your employees' valuable time by automating routine and time-consuming tasks/processes, whether in purchasing, HR or any other area! 

If you're using paper-based forms, chasing approvals, or lacking transparency within your process, it's time to consider whether automated processes and workflows might not be the solution.

With just a few clicks and without much programming effort, you can automate and standardize your business processes with us quickly and easily.


Scalable web-based collaborative collaboration platform

Microsoft SharePoint already serves as a secure place to store, organize, share, and access information from virtually any device.

With automated workflows, we extend it with a workflow designer, connectors and many advanced workflow features.


A user-friendly & powerful process platform

Nintex workflows drive the digital transformation of your business. 

Together with us, your employees create efficient and user-friendly business processes with the help of Nintex workflows.  

Not sure if P2A is for you?
We guarantee it is.

Nevertheless, here are some other examples and use cases:



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