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The Power2Apps team

Use the full potential of Microsoft 365 (formerly Office) & the Microsoft Power Platform and turn your ideas into apps with us.
Many tasks and processes that are still complex, error-prone or reserved for experts today can be completed tomorrow via an app. Support and relieve your employees with digital lean management.  

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our mission

Microsoft's Power Platform gives you the tools to increase productivity and process efficiency. Combining data, usage of simple functions, meaningful information and automation are the focus.

Our mission at Power2Apps is to use the Power Platform to make your business ready for the digital age.

Abstract Background

The team

Julian sw

Phd. Julian Ariza Alvarez our specialist for process optimization. He got more than 8 years of experience as a consultant & trainer for data-driven process optimization.  

  • Ph.D. process optimization

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

  • > 8 years of experience in consulting and training process optimization experts


Sebastian Nädkte

…got more than 10 years of industrial experience in the digitization of business processes. He is our BI expert.

  • > 10 years of experience in Controlling  & Business Intelligence ( Supply Chain Management , Finance and  Controlling )

  • > 10 years of experience in digitizing business processes 

Steffen sw

Stephan Siek

…is the experienced software architect in the team. He got more than 17 years of experience as a developer and is specialized in intelligent, distributed systems.

  • Development of parallel and intelligent systems

  • > 10 years of software development

Johannes sw

PhD. Johannes Schober our expert for data-driven analysis methods and workflows. Our customer projects and students benefit from his industrial experience in his lectures. 

  • Ph.D. Statistical Analysis

  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

  • > 7 years university lecturer


Michael Graf our specialist in business cloud solutions for ERP, HRM and CRM created with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Sage HR Suite.  

  • Decades of experience and know-how in the integration, setup and rollout of ERP and HRM systems.

  • Decades of experience in developing applications for Microsoft Dynamics and Sage HR, among others.

Laura sw

Laura Alvarez Londoño

... is our marketing & project management fairy. For example, she set up the ClimaTalk initiative and the community of the same name. 

  • International project management experience

  • Sustainability and innovation junkie

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