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Our use cases

Automatische Planungsprozesse

Automated Planning Processes

In order for your production to run smoothly, you must ensure that the required materials are available at the right time.

With the help of suitable statistical methods, you can easily and accurately calculate your replenishment lead time, even if delivery dates and demand change over time.

Digitale Entscheidungsprozesse

Digital decision-making processes

All companies have rules that must be followed when running processes. If you don't know and understand the individual rules and decision-making hierarchies, you delay and hinder every task. 

Incoming Good Inspection

Continuous monitoring of the performance and quality of the supplied products enables you to directly identify when the quality of your suppliers has changed.

The results are transferred back to the ERP system and also summarized and displayed in the supplier evaluation app.

Digitale Entscheidungsprozesse

Data Analysis Assistants

The overall goal of our wizards is to optimize business processes based on data without expensive and extensive training.

We generate individual and easy to implement recommendations for action for you, so that you can focus the improvement...
we take care of the hard statistics

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