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Innovative solutions at a monthly fixed price

Become a Digital Hero!

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Apps, bots, dashboards...

How is a medium-sized company supposed to do all this?

Actually, you have been planning for a long time to prepare your company for all digital challenges. You want to win and keep customers, improve the working environment for your employees and create the basis for making the right decisions yourself.

You may have already started the first projects, but it's not that easy on your own, and most of the time other things were more important.

Wouldn't it be great to develop a strategy together with experienced experts and implement it step by step on fixed monthly dates?

Use the digitisation flat rate from Power2Apps for this.

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Web Consultation

Step by Step into the future!

Let's develop ideas together that really move your company forward!

On fixed dates every month, we work on the implementation of your digitisation!

No preliminary work and ancillary conditions, our service ranges from system requirements to the creation of apps, charts, flows, bots, etc. to the introduction, training and documentation of the digitised processes.

Get more and more digital each month!

Step 1 

Which app, which dashboard, which bot will take your business forward?

step 2


The right licences, the right databases, the right contracts for your processes

step 3


What should happen and how? What should be displayed? Who is allowed to interact with what and what should be triggered?

step 4


Creation of Power-Apps, Power-BI-Dashboards, Flows, Chatbots, Power-Streams and more

Step 5

Go-live of the new digitalised processes, distribution of knowledge, integration into the corporate media

Step 6

Digitisation is learning - what should be adapted or even changed? What do you want to do differently next time?

... why the effort?

The results are applications, key figures and/or services for your company



Real-time Monitoring and data-based decision support



If you need more than analytics and visualization: Easy development of custom web and mobile applications for your business



Automation of routine  processes and tasks. Relieve your employees.



Development of powerful chatbots. Take advantage of AI even without data scientists.

Connecting Dots

Our Commitment 

  • Guaranteed appointments, set up together a year in advance

  • Real expertise, no trial and error

  • Streamlined results-oriented methodology

Our Mission

 We use the Power Platform to make your business ready for the digital age.

Your Commitment

  • The readiness to give your organization suitable modern digital tools and methods.

  • The willingness to support the jointly defined deadlines with your own resources

Our risk garantuee

Cancellable at any time to the end of the next month

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Most popular

DigiFlat S

Ein fester monatlicher Digitalization-Day

Mit der DigiFlat S können Sie schon im ersten Jahr Digitalisierungserfolge erzielen. Mindestens eine App und ein Dashboard sind erstellt, Ihr Team hat Wege und Nutzen der Digitalisierung verinnerlicht.

DigiFlat L

Pro Monat drei Digitalization-Days

Die DigiFlat L passt zu Unternehmen, die schon Ideen und Pläne haben, aber unsere Power zur Unterstützung benötigen. Schwerpunkt liegt hier auf die Implementierungs-Geschwindigkeit, so planen pro Quartal ein fassbares Ergebnis.


Ready to start?

  • Simply arrange your digitization strategy workshop with us.

  • If you are not yet sure which package is right for you, it is best to start with the DigiFlat S. You can upgrade at any time.

Arrange a Strategy Workshop 

Your request has been sent to us! We'll get back to you.

Experten-Beratung anfordern
  • Are there funding programs for digitization?
    In Germany there are different programs. Let us talk about the situation in your country.
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