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Your digital future within reach today

Gain knowledge from data

Get more out of your flows with our Converter Actions

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Power Boosts

Easily convert your data from one format to another with Power2Apps Converter for Power Automate / Logic Apps.

In the free version you can use up to 100 queries per month. If this does not fit your needs and would like to increase the amount of queries per month, please contact us.

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Digitization flat rate

Actually, you have been planning to prepare your company for all digital challenges for a long time. You want to win and keep customers, improve the working environment for your employees and create the basis for the right decisions yourself.

There may already have been initial projects, but it's not that easy on your own and other things were usually even more important.

Wouldn't it be great to develop a strategy together with experienced experts and implement it bit by bit on fixed monthly dates?

Use the digitization flat rate from Power2Apps for this.

​Innovative solutions at a fixed monthly price

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Become a digital hero yourself!

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Apps for your Office 365

  • Incoming goods inspectionRaise your incoming goods inspection to a new level

  • Employee indicators :  Personnel indicators & deployment planning as an addon to SageHR or other HR tools

  • Supplier management :  Operational excellence in purchasing

  • Sales analysis : _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ Sales key figures from operational to strategic with one click

Right on yours
Office desktop


Turn every employee into a data analyst 

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Analysis Assistants 

Customized systems for data-based process analysis & optimization.

Our digital assistants enable production companies to select and carry out statistical analyzes for data-based process optimization - without expensive and extensive training.



  • Empowers anyone to analyze their own process

  • Assists in the selection of the appropriate statistical procedure

  • Produces understandable results


Use the potential of data-based analysis! Data analysis is not just something for a "chosen few"! Take the analysis back into your own hands.

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